Upcoming Summits

The Southern Meat Summit is a nationally recognized event, specifically focused on bringing together every part of the meat supply chain. Farmers, chefs, butchers, and industry leaders convene for two-days of unparalleled networking, hands-on training, and technical and business assistance. This conference supports a growing community committed to advancing market opportunities and increasing customer access to pasture-based meats. Attendees can expect more than twenty innovative class sessions on diverse topics, butchery demos, special technical tracks for professionals, and many opportunities for social networking. For more information, please contact: Sarah Blacklin, sarah@ncchoices.com

For more information, please contact Margaret Chamas

For more information, please contact Veronica Royal

Past Summits

The 2024 Mountain Meat Summit advanced market opportunities, built connections, and supported collective skills development and learning across many segments and scales of the Mountain Region’s meat supply chain. The summit did this by: a) providing education and technical assistance to various segments of the meat industry, driving innovation and solution development; b) fostering networking and collaboration among rural and urban stakeholders, thus supporting new market opportunities and enhanced understanding about the realities of ranching and processing; and, c) leverage land-grant University and partner resources, expertise, and assets to support diverse scales and models across the meat supply chain. The agenda for the event can be found here.

The 2023 Mountain Meat Summit was a joint event with the 9th annual International Livestock Forum. The event brought together industry leaders, government professionals, and members of academia to discuss domestic and international livestock and food production. Participants were invited to join on a unique tour of Colorado’s livestock and meat enterprises, behind-the-scenes access to the National Western Stock Show and the new CSU Spur campus. The event was hosted by Colorado State University Department of Animal Sciences, the National Western Stock Show, and the National Meat Summit Committee. The agenda for the event can be found HERE

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